Day 1

Day 1...Exploring Digital Storytelling

Introduction to Digitial Storytelling....60 minutes


Activity #1 Academic Story using PhotoStory ....60 minutes

Participants will create a "Mastercard Pricless" story using 4 images and built in sounds.
Here's an example I created in about 10 minutes using my laptop's built in mic and Photostory's built in music, thus the poor audio quality.

Activity #2 Academic Story using PhotoStory...75 minutes

Participants will create a 1 minute story

Activity #3 Academic Story using Movie Maker (working in pairs)... 90 minutes

Participants will create a 2 minute video using either idea or one of your own

  • Idea 1...The interview
    • how's your summer?
    • tell me about your job
  • Idea 2...How to video
    • How to tie your shoe
    • tour of the park
    • finding a book in the library
  • Storyboard
  • Shoot video
    • Shot selection
    • Light considerations
    • Sound
    • Tripod or no tripod
  • Edit and Produce
    • Transitions
    • Effects
    • Music

Planning and Reflection...30 minutes

  • Thoughts on the day
    • What worked
    • What didn't
    • What could we do better
  • Thinking ahead
    • Story for tomorrow
    • Script considerations
    • PhotoStory vs. Movie Maker
    • Images and Objects