Day 2...Personal Stories (using Movie Maker)

Completion of Activity # 3

Activity #4 Personal Stories

Participants will create a 3-4 minute video

1. Participants will finalize script 1 to 1.5 pages
  • peer reviewed?

Images: Basic instruction (using Microsoft Picture Manager)

2. Participants will complete scanning digital images appropriate to illustrate story.
3. Participants will size digital images for use in story.
Participants will have the rest of the afternoon :
4. finalize script and record the voice over narration for their story.
5. insert images (add effects) in appropriate order and place on timeline
6. add titles to their digital story (or export slides from PowerPoint).
7. add transitions to their digital story.
8. Produce video appropriate music to add emotional tone and add to the timeline using own music or freeplaymusic
9. Participants will complete a final edit of their digital story.
10. Publish story----

Copy all files to CD

Discussion of online publishing options

(, youtube)

Sharing Time

  • Participants will show their completed digital video to the class (complete with popcorn!)
  • Participants will discuss application of digital storytelling to their classrooms
  • Participants will discuss how to evaluate digital storytelling products and look at sample rubrics

Wrap-up and Evaluation