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Digital Photography

Photo Essays

Tell a story with a photo
The goal is to create a photo essay. It might be using the 5 images format above or more of a free form. We will be outdoors at Wakamow so keep in mind the potential for a story related to nature. We'll be learning about photography skills at the same time. You may want to have something in mind before you attend or create it from scratch that day.

Introduction to Digital Photography
external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png PhotoClass PP.ppt

Tell a story in 5 images
If you haven't already created a flickr account I would strongly suggest you do that. If not, you'll only be able to view the discussion portion of this group. But that will still give you a sense of storytelling in 5 images.

Motivation Posters

Big Huge Labs

Photo Essays

Digital Photography (this site is a resource by Dean Shareski and Larry Hadwen)

You may also be interested in exploring some of the sites on the Resources Page.

Rubric Idea for a Photo Essay on Globalization